Our Services 

Personal Benefits

Hutton Insurance Solutions meets one on one with customers to help assess their personal life insurance needs. We provide many options including Term Life, Whole Life, and Living Benefits. 

  • What are Living Benefits?

The Living Benefits policy is comprised of 2 primary components: 

1. A guaranteed death benefit  

2. Cash-Value which allows for the cash-value of your policy to be invested and also provides tax-differed income while you are living.

Employee Health Benefits

H.I.S. provides and has access to most major insurance providers for group medical and supplemental employee benefits. 

We also utilize a product known as MediHOP to enhance your employee benefits package. Read below to learn more!

  • What is MediHOP?

If you have more than 25 employees, MediHOP may work for you! MediHOP is a “Secondary” supplemental health plan that we integrate and manage with a common “Primary” major medical plan to provide benefits to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses due to hospital confinement and outpatient treatment. Covered expenses are the unpaid portions of charges applied to deductible, co-insurance & copays for medical care that is eligible for reimbursement under the deemed allowable by the primary major-medical plan and which are not excluded from coverage.

MediHOP mirrors major medical and is typically able to lower total out-of-pocket costs as low as $500. Can include pharmacy coverage. 





In this ever evolving insurance environment, H.I.S. is happy to help your company manage or better understand your medical benefits for your employees. To learn more, please call us at 662.255.6929 or submit the attached form to schedule a no-obligation meeting.